Just a few of the reason parents of riders & drivers love Tip Whip.

A safe alternative for transportation.

Tip Whip is an award-winning rideshare service designed by and for college students with a simple goal: make it easy for students to make the right choice and get home safely, promptly and affordably.

Drivers and riders are part of the same community.

Tip Whip is an exclusive ridesharing community of currently registered students. Your child/student can feel confident knowing their driver is a fellow student at their school–not a stranger.

Drivers go through a vetting process.

All drivers must pass background and motor vehicle checks.

No surge pricing.

Tip Whip was founded on the idea that student safety shouldn’t depend on how much money someone has in their pocket, so there is no set fare and tipping is voluntary and completed through the Tip Whip app.

Rebecca Callahan

UMaine Class of 2018
“I decided to drive because it’s a way to help out fellow students. I’ve always used Tip Whip for rides the past 3 years so I know the relief when I can get a ride from a fellow student. I like driving because it’s fun to see people and everyone’s really friendly, plus it’s an easy way to get some extra cash. I don’t drive for Uber because I’d have no idea who’d I be driving and where… this is more comfortable because I know they are students like me who just need a safe, cheaper ride to need to get from here to there.”

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