Tip Whip provides businesses an opportunity to connect with students while keeping them safe.

The Tip Whip platform offers various ways to get in front of and become “top of mind” with our driver and rider community.   Sponsors can target by campus, by region or reach our entire community through in app messaging, ride sponsorship, and co-branding opportunities.

Students requesting a ride may be randomly selected to receive a sponsored tip from a local business like yours in exchange for exclusive direct messaging opportunities through the mobile app.

College campuses are an important local audience for nearby businesses, including restaurants, bars and coffee shops.

Tip Whip provides restaurant/bar owners an easy, affordable way to market directly to students while helping them get home safely.

To learn how your business can reach thousands of local college students with your message and promote student safety, contact us to learn more about Tip Whip sponsorship opportunities

Tip Whip can help your business develop events that students in your community will want to attend—and tell their friends about.

What sponsors are saying…

Abraham Furth
Orono Brewing Company
Furth Properties

“Last April we contacted Tip Whip to discuss how they could help promote a Maine Day Celebration at Orono Brewing Company, and how they could get students to and from the brewery safely. After a quick discussion with Spencer from Tip Whip it was clear to us that working together on the event would make it more apt to succeed.
Communication leading up to the event was great, and follow through during the event was also top notch. Tip Whip sent information about the event out to thousands of students, and operated a van that provided student rides during the entire event. I’m confident that working with Tip Whip for the Maine Day event is what made it successful, and that is a big reason why Orono Brewing Company has decided to partner with Tip Whip this year. Getting students home safe is the right thing to do, and on top of that Tip Whip provides access to direct marketing to college students. Win-win.”

Jason Coleman, Owner

The Roost, Orono, ME
 “We partnered with Tip Whip twice now to host download parties. These events have drawn huge crowds and been some of our bigger nights all year. Tip Whip brings the crowd and helps them get home safe at the end of the night. Hard to beat for a bar owner.”

Thanks to the sponsors below Tip Whip remains FARE-FREE!

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