Download Tip Whip!

Your Ride. Your Price.

By students. For students.

Our mission is to get every college student home safely no matter how much money they have in their pocket.

  • Every driver & rider must be a currently registered student.
  • NO surge pricing
  • NO minimums
  • NO strangers

How it works:

Created by students, we get you, and promise we’re not like those other ridesharing apps.

Download the app.

Available on IOS or Google Play. Just search for Tip Whip.

Create a profile.

You must have a verified .edu email address.

Attach a card.

MOM, DAD–you can also add money to your child’s account.

That’s it! Request your first ride.

You’re probably wondering…

How much do I pay for the ride?

Just the tip. We understand that students have a limited budget. Any tip will be appreciated by your driver for their time and gas.

Can I use cash?

Students attach a credit or debit card which is secured through PayPay to their profile in the app. No cash. No swiping. Tip through the mobile app as you go.

Is it just for college students?

Tip Whip verifies that every user is a currently enrolled college student. No more riding with strangers, another student will pick you up.

How do you verify that each user is a currently enrolled student?

Students must verify their .edu email address in order to complete their Tip Whip profile.

How long will I have to wait for a ride?

Because drivers operate around their campus there are always low wait times. Exclusively serving college students reduces wait times keeping riders happy and drivers busy.

Want Tip Whip on your Campus?

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