What is Tip Whip?

Tip Whip is a tip based ridesharing service exclusively focused on college students. Our goal is to get every college student to their next destination safely regardless of how much money they have in their pockets.  Only current students can join the Tip Whip driver and rider community on their campus.

How does it work?

Potential drivers can download the Tip Whip Driver app.  Once a background and driver check is completed, you can start earning money by driving fellow students!

Riders – download the Tip Whip mobile app for FREE, and create a profile. Attach a credit or debit card and start tipping.

How much do I pay for the ride?

Just the tip. We understand that students have a limited budget. Any tip will be appreciated by your driver for their time and gas.

How do you verify that each user is a currently enrolled student?

Students must verify their .edu email address in order to complete their Tip Whip profile.

What if my campus isn’t listed?

We are adding campuses as fast as we can.  If you’d like Tip Whip on your campus, message us via our Contact page with the subject line ‘Add My College’. To launch successfully on a campus, we need to identify a Campus Manager.  If that could be you, please provide us contact information so we can reach out to you directly.  It is also helpful if you can tell us why you think Tip Whip would be successful on your campus.

Are the drivers employees?

No, qualified drivers are independent contractors.

Want Tip Whip on your Campus?

Let us know