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Drivers wanted! Be a part of your ridesharing community.

Tip Whip drivers earn money by taking care of fellow students.  Through our unique “tip only” pricing model, the Tip Whip app provides riders with suggested tip information, and students pay what they can afford.

You must be a currently enrolled student at an active Tip Whip university or college community. View campuses »

  • Drivers must be at least 18 years old to drive
  • Drivers must have 4 available seatbelts for passengers

What drivers are saying:

Paige Michaud

UMaine Class of 2020
“I chose to drive for Tip Whip because I was more into the idea of driving students my age. It’s an easy way to make money and it’s more entertaining than a basic job. It’s fun to have all the conversations with different groups of people at night.”

Summer Dupois

UMaine Class of 2017
“I decided to drive for Tip Whip while taking 21+ credits a semester. There was no time for a traditional job, it was the perfect way to earn some extra cash while finishing my degree! I drove for Tip Whip versus other ride services because I liked that the rides were for students by students. It made me feel safer than just being able to give rides to anyone who requested one.”

Julie Shannon

UMaine class of 2018
“I decided to drive for tip whip because I really liked that it was for students, by students and as a female driver I knew my female passengers got to where they needed to be with a sense of comfort.”

You’re probably wondering…

Can I be a driver?

YES! You must be a currently enrolled student at a university we operate at.  After applying via our Tip Whip Driver app and once you receive the ‘Qualified Driver Certificate’, you can begin accepting rides.

Is there a vetting process?

Tip Whip drivers go through a vetting process that includes:
1. An in-person meet and greet
2. Background & Motor Vehicle Check

Are drivers employees?

No, qualified drivers are independent contractors.

What if my campus isn’t listed?

Please message us via our Contact page with the subject line ‘Add My College’ in the body of the message tell us the name of your college. We cannot guarantee your school will be added but will do our best to serve you and your fellow students.

How do you verify that each user is a currently enrolled student?

Students must verify their .edu email address in order to complete their Tip Whip profile.

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