By students. For students.

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Our mission:

Provide every college student with a FARE-FREE and RELIABLE ride to their next destination.

Our vision:

To connect college students who need an affordable and reliable ride with other college students looking to earn money while driving their own car.

Drivers wanted.

Drivers must be a currently enrolled student at a college or university that Tip Whip serves.

How it works: Created by students and for students. We’re not like those other ridesharing apps!

Download the app.

Available on IOS or Google Play. Just search for Tip Whip.

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You must have a verified .edu email address.

Add a payment method.

Credit/Debit Cards Accepted.

Request your first ride.

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A few of our active campuses:

University of Maine

Clemson University

University of Georgia

Central Michigan University

East Carolina University

How much do I pay for a ride? We understand that many students live on a tight budget – that’s why you decide how much to tip!  No surge pricing and you only pay what you can afford by tipping the driver, who is a fellow student.

Hold up, really?  Yes! Drivers appreciate being tipped for good service and to cover the cost of their gas and time, and we provide a recommended tip right on the Tip Whip app, but in the end – you pay what you can afford!